Health workers accuse the donations of causing trouble to local residents

The health care charity Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), also known as Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), has been criticized for its wasteful squandering and causing nuisance to local residents.

MSF said that more than 4,600 people participated in the fundraising event called "Doctors Without Borders Orienteering Competition." However, after people posted footage showing cardboard and other items being lost on social media marketing, the charity received attention.

Party members were observed dumping drinking water into the sea.

In 2015, a volunteer at the same time also complained about the waste. She mentioned that her career has been to show bottled water to paper cup participants.

The volunteer said at the time: "Why don't individuals bring their own water bottles? Why don't the organizers use water dispensers?"

msf hong kong started an operation soon after the COVID-19 outbreak started in the city in late January.

Your "Green Earth" environmentalist Zhu Hanqiang suggested HK01 that reducing waste should not be complicated for long-term charities like MSF. He criticized MSF for failing to take action to maintain the ecosystem, even urging individuals to do the same in the past two years.

Local community

The impact of the event on the local community has also aroused criticism. On the Internet, commenters complained about participants running around on the sidewalk and yelling at pedestrians blocking the road.

One person who identified the residents of Lamma Island wrote on the MSF website that there are thousands of people on this small island, which is an unacceptable place for large-scale celebrations.

Four cases were passed by msf hong kong police, but no one in the SAR was known to have sent money to the scammers. An investigation is now being run from Western District police station.

"Because of the large number of tourists, some people cannot consume in the restaurant. Regardless of whether they get takeaway or not, they must stop encountering contributors who work earlier."

She further criticized the charity organization for only arranging special ferry solutions every morning, even though no arrangements were made after the event, which led to long queues at the terminal.

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